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Internet Safety for Kids in Today's Connected World

The Internet is like a parallel universe that we can venture into at anytime. Just like the real world, most people are simply going about their daily lives looking for information and entertainment. But there are some individuals that are up to no good . . .

Explore our Back to School Internet Safety Guides for Kids and Parents as we look at the latest concerns and solutions for keeping kids safe online. Today there are more devices than ever before and the Internet is larger than anyone ever expected. Unlike their parents, kids and teens have never known a world without the Internet. They seem to inherently know how connect, post, upload, download, stream and navigate. They're so comfortable online sometimes they let their guard down.

Things change everyday, which is why it's important to understand the latest scams, ways people hack into accounts and where kids may get into trouble online. This resource center is all about bringing parents up to speed on how they can protect their kids, ways to teach kids about Internet safety and helping them build good habits.


It's scary how Internet savvy kids are these days. They definitely know how to do more online than adults, but they often put protecting themselves on the backburner. You want to protect your kids, but there's such a huge learning curve how do you keep up? With the right information you can become just as proactive online as you are offline.

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Parents can only do so much to protect you online. When you're online it's up to you to practice safe habits. Take the Internet safety quiz for kids to see how much you really know and get tips on how to keep your devices, accounts and information safer online.

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"1 in 20 children– has arranged a secret meeting with someone they met online."

- Netmums survey of 825 kids

Teaching kids Internet safety is as important as teaching them to look both ways before crossing the street. Don't wait until their safety, your financial security or a family member's identity is compromised. Take action against cyber criminals that use the Internet to gain access into our lives and the lives of our children.