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At SearchRPM we’ve made sharing our knowledge with others a cornerstone of our business. From making sure our offerings are transparent to helping other SEO professionals hone their craft, our team makes education a top priority.

We also don’t keep you in the dark about what we do. The resources below provide more information on our SEO services and helpful Internet tips we’ve learned along the way.


We get a lot of SEO questions from other professionals that connect with us through social media. In our Search Talk video series, SearchRPM founder Michael Ramirez addresses some of the most common questions about how SEO works.


Being online all day our team comes across a lot of Internet hazards like malware and trolls. We understand how to circumvent the dangers of the Internet, but unfortunately, many kids aren’t so lucky.

Young Internet users are the most vulnerable, which is why we’ve created an extensive guide specifically directed at keeping kids safe online. Visit the Internet Safety For Kids resource section to get helpful tips on how to keep young users safe while they surf the web.


Join SearchRPM’s free online webinar series as we tackle some of the most pressing topics in search engine optimization, search advertising and digital media. Check out our search marketing webinars page to attend our next online event.