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The SearchRPM SEO management platform helps improve transparency between the agency and client. SearchRPM has just released a revolutionary SEO platform for agencies and in-house marketing teams. It’s the first service of its kind to offer an easy-to-use DIY SEO tool that identifies technical, on-page and online PR issues that can prevent a website from showing in Google and other search engines.

At a time when SEO-related spending is expected to soon reach $80 billion, there’s a lot of concern over whether companies are actually getting value for the money they spend.

The tool at SearchRPM is built by SEOs for those who want better SEO transparency. Search optimization experts at SearchRPM designed the platform for DIY SEOs, agencies and in-house marketing teams that need a straightforward way to monitor key areas that can improve a website’s visibility.

“The goal with the SearchRPM platform is to help both SEO providers and clients understand where SEO issues exist on a website,” said founder Michael Ramirez. “Users can also keep track of how SEO professionals are working to repair those items using the platform.”

By simply typing in the website’s URL, the platform can identify critical issues on the site that need to be addressed in order to improve visibility. In addition, it helps everyone involved in the SEO process understand what solutions are needed to resolve issues and monitors progress with a built-in SEO project management feature.

Key features of the new SearchRPM SEO platform include:

  • Identification of technical website errors.
  • Insights into a website’s content and pages that can be optimized for more visibility.
  • Online PR strategy in terms of key sources your competitors are targeting.
  • Progress bar to help better manage deliverables and show clients progression in completing an SEO campaign.
  • Multiple user access levels for agencies, staff and clients.
  • Easy-to-read metrics and diagnostic solutions.

This in-house SEO tool also helps identify strategies for bolstering online public relations, a growing segment of digital marketing that now accounts for 9.3% of spending. With the SearchRPM platform, SEOs can now get online marketing support, public relations assistance and research services all in a single platform.

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