Now the Return Per Click is Well Worth the Pay Per Click

If you thought pay per click services were just a way to get your link to the top of search engines, think again. In the hands of someone that knows how to adapt ads, pay per click advertising can deliver up highly targeted prospects that are seeking out what you have to offer when they’re ready to buy it. Leads don’t get better than that.

Unfortunately, many PPC service providers haven’t evolved past simply generating traffic. They think an increase in visitors is an indicator of success, but they’ve missed the mark. A page view should never be equated to a sale.

But there’s no magic formula or algorithm that you can use to create a successful pay per click campaign that keeps costs low and drives targeted traffic. It takes a Design, Measure, Evolve approach managed by experienced PPC consultants.

Design, Measure, Evolve

Your PPC Management Services Aren’t
Evolved if They Don’t Include. . .



Figure out who your audience is and what you want to accomplish.


Have clear methods of tracking the campaign’s progress toward meeting your objectives.


Create clearly defined keywords, ad groups, geographic targets and landing pages through an understanding of how ads and messages connect to keywords, search terms and audience expectations.


Adjust ads, drop or add keywords and change messages to drive more traffic and convert the maximum number of visitors into leads or sales.

PPC management services that aren’t focused on your customers and their buying cycles will drive traffic, but that’s about it. If you’re going to invest in PPC make every dollar count with evolved services for New PPC Campaigns, Reinvented Existing PPC Campaigns and Digital Media Buying.