So you want to be ranked at the top of Google?
Great, we can help.

But then what?

What will people see that makes them want to click?
What will they do when they get there? High search rankings aren’t the goal--they’re just the beginning.

We’re a different kind of search marketing company. We don’t write for robots. We don’t build spammy links. We look beyond the rankings.

At SearchRPM, we use search engines the way they were intended -- to build your brand and help you connect with your customers.

Here’s how we do it

Every month, we’ll launch a new campaign for you. Each campaign is carefully planned and executed based on your brand, your audience and your goals. We call this process Design, Measure, Evolve.


This is not about the visual styling, but the overall strategic and creative design of your campaign based on the primary marketing objectives.

  • What specific action do we want them to take?
  • What message will resonate with our audience?
  • Where can we reach them?
  • Does social media work for this objective?
  • We’ll help develop a campaign that uses the right message, the right timing and the right distribution to get you there.

See how our campaign design process works.


How will we know we got there? By closely monitoring and measuring your campaign’s key metrics. Whatever your goal, the success of your campaign ultimately depends on more than just driving web traffic.

  • Are we driving the right kinds of traffic?
  • Are visitors taking the action we want?
  • How much are we spending per visit and per conversion?
  • Through detailed measurement and analytics, we track your site’s rankings and monitor visitor behavior to assess our overall campaign success.

See how we approach measurement and analytics.


If we’re not hitting your primary objectives, something needs to change. Sometimes we’ll need to adjust our message, or target a different audience, or refine our placements. Or sometimes we just need to create something fresh.

Constant measurement and monitoring allows us to make continual adjustments to improve your campaign performance, increase conversions, refine our spending and maximize your results.

See how we can evolve your message and grow your brand.

About SearchRPM

SearchRPM is based in Austin, Texas, serving clients locally and abroad. We have years of experience in search engine optimization and search marketing, but our roots are in brand building and advertising. We bridge the gap between SEO, PPC, Social Media and your business using a totally novel idea--strategic, coordinated campaigns. SearchRPM on Google+

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