Truth Behind Claims Google is Just Looking Out for Itself

December 09, 2016

For years Google has had to address many claims of unfairly swaying searches in their own favor or rigging things so certain websites get top rankings. It’s something that Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller has to contend with on a regular basis.

Even though John hosts Webmaster Central hangout chats to answer people’s questions directly, some people still think Google doesn’t shoot them straight. In one of the latest hangout chat sessions, John addressed the issue head on since it’s come up frequently in the past. He reassured participants that, from his personal experience, claims Google is misleading people are nothing more than a myth.

Google Wants Webmasters to Make Technically Sound Sites

One of the first things John pointed out is the fact that it doesn’t make sense for Google to purposely provide misinformation in his hangout chat sessions. We agree that providing webmasters with inaccurate information wouldn’t be logical, at least in this scenario.

Google’s main objective is delivering the best search results. That all starts with high quality websites. Most of the answers that John provides is advice on how to make a website more technically sound and searchable, which benefits both Google and the website.

Information Gets Double Checked With Engineers

Google may not purposely provide misinformation, but maybe John is just incorrect in some of the things he says. That’s another claim that’s been made by more than one webmaster. John assured webmasters that when they receive a question they consult with engineers beforehand to make sure the answer they provide is accurate. When John gets an impromptu question during a chat session he’s careful to note if he isn’t 100% certain and will usually point the person towards another resource for verification.

Advice is Based on Current Algorithms, Not Future Updates

Google algorithms change frequently. Of course, insiders at Google know what’s in the pipeline before the changes take effect. However, they can’t provide advice based on the algorithm update until it actually happens. That means John and his team have to go off of what’s currently in place.

It’s not an issue of Google trying to withhold information. It’s an issue of following the parameters that are currently being used, even if they’ll change in the near future. Nothing is certain until it happens, so it would be irresponsible for John to provide guidance based something that isn’t a certainty.

Advice provided in the hangout chat sessions is based on the current state of things at that time. When algorithm updates occur the information could then become outdated. If webmasters want suggestions based on the steady state that’s continuously evolving, John suggested using the Google Help Center as a resource. The information there is updated as soon as a change occurs, whereas blogs and videos aren’t refreshed.

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By Michael Ramirez
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Michael Ramirez

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