The Creative Web Podcast: Interview with Lee Little of Bar-z

July 01, 2014

Bar-Z Founder and CEO Lee Little and Senior Marketing Manager Sunny Smith joined Michael Ramirez for one of the latest installments of The Creative Web. In 2005 the custom branded app development company started out designing a hardware product that provided location aware mobile tour guides. It was a frontrunner in utilizing GPS technology even before the iPhone was in existence. Today, they build software tools that are used to create and market apps that are location aware.


It is a fast-growing market to say the least. As Lee put it, “The business is growing at a decent rate of nearly 50-60% year-over-year growth.” Surprisingly enough, Lee explained that the print media industry is one of the biggest customer bases for Bar-Z.

Topics discussed with Lee and Sunny include:

  • Why focus has switched from hardware to software and content.
  • How markets have transitioned with the development of localized information and tools.
  • How their market has evolved since the launch of the iPhone and its robust adoption.
  • An explanation of who their clients are and what they are requesting.
  • How different segments are taking advantage of digital media solutions and opportunities.
  • The SEO factors that come into play with mobile apps along with specifics on both iPhone and Android.
  • The benefits of making a site responsive versus making an application that’s dedicated for mobile.
  • Solutions for reaching users on mobile devices.
  • Time sensitive content concerns and whether mobile systems are ideal.
  • Monetization strategies and best practices for mobile applications.
  • Which metrics business owners and SEOs should pay the most attention to and how user activity is tracked.
  • Their thoughts on where the industry will be 10 years from now and why print won’t be dead.

You can contact Lee Little and Sunny Smith at: