The Creative Web Podcast: Interview with Brad Bogus of Speak Social

July 04, 2014

SearchRPM’s Michael Ramirez had the opportunity to speak with Brad Bogus, the President of Speak Social, in an interview for The Creative Web. Brad touched on how he came to be a web entrepreneur by way of working in the film industry. His first company Makeshift Productions capitalized on the growing demand for online videos just as YouTube was beginning to take off. Now his focus is on leveraging the big, wide world of social media.


Brad and his team believe that the power of social media lies in the consumers. “People can now validate that marketing or that advertising,” he said. “You should be generating likes, comments and shares off that advertisement. That advertisement has the power to do other things, and if you give the customers the ability to validate what you’re doing and what you’re sharing and let them share it themselves they become marketing distribution channels for you.”

During the interview Brad talks to Michael about:

  • The Speak Social philosophy on social media and the consumer’s role.
  • How marketing has evolved and improved on the web.
  • His thoughts on best practices for marketing within social media and the web.
  • Social media trends that are happening now and what’s on the horizon.
  • Why impressions aren’t an indicator of social media success.
  • Social media creative that makes sense and speaks to customers.
  • Data social media marketers should look at and what it says about the customers.
  • Audience building within social media. 
  • Speak Social’s B-to-P approach.
  • How to speak to your audience by considering the culture.
  • The importance of content quality and creating a communication strategy.
  • How journalism principles are used to interview clients and gain a very firm understanding of their brand.
  • Content engagement and how it leads to improved retargeting. 
  • Social media entrepreneurship. 

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