How SEO Services Work - An SEO Q&A

May 15, 2019

Talk about a complex topic. Books (many, many books) have been written to answer the question, what is SEO services? For the everyday business owner it can be an extremely overwhelming topic to wrap your head around. But that’s why you have SearchRPM!

The Q&A below provides an easy to understand overview of SEO concepts. It’s a great foundation for anyone who wants to start using SEO or wants to know how to choose SEO services from a provider.

What Does SEO Services Mean?

SEO services are services provided by marketing team to improve visibility within search engines. SEO stands for search engine optimization. The phrase has come to be a blanket term that encompasses all types of organic search marketing, including organic search and local SEO.

What is Website SEO Services?

Website SEO services is basically just another way to say SEO services. However, it can be more specific and refer to work that is done on a website to improve search engine ranking.

What is an Organic SEO Service?

Organic SEO service refers to strategies that are used to get higher ranking on search engine result pages (SERPs). This is what’s considered “free” SEO because it doesn’t involve any sort of payment like PPC.

What is Local SEO Services?

Local SEO services are a category of search optimization that focuses on targeting keywords with local intent. For example, keywords that include the name of a city or zip code. They can also include words like “local” or “nearby”. This type of SEO service is highly beneficial for brick-and-mortar businesses that rely on customers that come to the location.

What SEO Services Benefits Can a Business Expect?

Effective SEO will not only improve rankings for specific search queries, it will increase traffic and boost your conversion rates because traffic will be more targeted. Of course, the benefits depend on the type of services rendered. For instance, local SEO services can help a website show up in the “3-pack” of listings under the map when a geo-targeted keyword is used in Google.

The benefits of SEO services can go beyond search results. On-page SEO can improve the user experience on the website by providing useful information. Technical SEO can make the website function better all around. These things are highly beneficial because getting users to your website is only half the battle.

It’s important for website owners to understand nothing is guaranteed in SEO. If a provider guarantees certain results, proceed with caution.

What Does SEO Services Include?

What SEO services are included depends on your provider and the selected plan. For example, at SearchRPM we offer a la carte services as well as plans that bundle services together. Ultimately, the services you receive should depend on your needs.

What is SEO Services Pricing Like?

You’ll find SEO services at all price points. Although price isn’t indicative of results, watch out for marketers offering bottom barrel prices. They’ll likely do little more than basic Google Business Profile information and top-level keyword research. You also probably won’t receive progress reports to show that the SEO services are providing a benefit.

What’s even worse is SEO providers that use backhanded tactics trying to game the system. These “experts” could actually get a website banned from Google, which will cost a website a lot more than paying a true professional more for legitimate SEO services.

At the end of the day, SEO services are an investment. You should get a higher return on the money you spend by generating more business.

Do you have more questions about SEO? Need help putting together an SEO strategy? At SearchRPM we’ve developed a unique Design, Measure, Evolve approach that’s been highly successful on hundreds of SEO campaigns.

Give us a call and we’ll see what kind of SEO services will provide the biggest benefits for your business!

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