Google’s John Mueller Gives 3 Tips for Better Rankings in 2018

February 07, 2018

SEO is a dynamic form of marketing. The landscaping is always shifting as algorithms get updated and technology expands.

SEO consultants are always looking for ranking advice directly from Google. In a recent webmasters hangout, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller was asked what three things he would focus on in 2018 to improve ranking. Here’s what John recommended. 

2018 Ranking Recommendation #1 -  Make Sure JavaScript Works Well

After all these years, JavaScript can still have difficulty working well in search. It’s a big-ticket item for 2018 since more of the modern site frameworks use JavaScript. To rank well you have to know how JavaScript and rendering works.

JavaScript websites aren’t always the most SEO friendly, depending on which sections have heavy JavaScript renderings, but an SEO professional can help identify ways to build a site that’s easily accessible by Google.  

2018 Ranking Recommendation #2 - Create a Good Mobile Experience

This word of advice comes as no surprise to active SEO consultants. Ever since mobile-first indexing was proposed from Google, strong performance on mobile devices has become essential.

The best thing you can do is make sure all of your content is available on the mobile version of your website. If not, you can lose potential rankings on searches conducted on mobile devices. Your mobile website should also be fully functional with fast page loading. Basically, the user experience on mobile devices needs to be every bit as good as desktop. 

But that doesn’t mean simply mapping pages one-to-one. The pages should be optimized specifically for mobile to create the best user experience possible.    

2018 Ranking Recommendation #3 - Use Structured Data Correctly

It’s a SEO topic that’s been ongoing for some time. Structured data is a technical SEO factor that affects how Google picks up content. Some sites get it right while others fall short. Getting it right typically means working with a website designer to markup pages using best practices.

Structured data doesn’t just affect ranking. It can also impact the way things appear in search and Google Assistant’s ability to extract information about your business. Simply fixing the structured data could lead to more recommendations and increased traffic. 

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