Recognizes SearchRPM with Top SEO and PPC Award in Austin, TX

June 17, 2018

Top marketing, design, development, and IT companies in Austin, Texas were announced by B2B research firm

The B2B ratings and reviews platform,, specializes in compiling objective quantitative data, customer testimonials, and prior work to evaluate the companies featured on their platform. With this proprietary research methodology in hand, Clutch ranks thousands of B2B service providers and presents market insights. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch provides businesses and customers with consistent information about the quality and content of a wide range of businesses, so that they know what to expect before they close a deal.

Partly as a result of our wonderful customers, we were fortunate enough to have been ranked a top SEO services company in Austin and PPC Agency. As part of the ranking system, Clutch interviews an agency’s clients to get a sense of our skills and values. Our fantastic clients made sure Clutch understood that we stand for excellent service and measurable results.

A senior account manager at a real estate marketing firm aptly relayed the result-oriented method at SearchRPM:

 “Every month they have a deliverable for us. They must help us perform SEO activities for about eight to 10 clients. They work on real estate websites and give us reports on results. SEO takes a long time to do correctly. It seems like they have already created the right momentum to gain the desired results.”

SearchRPM continues to be committed to enhancing the online presence of our clients through advanced SEO techniques. We also take the time to make sure our process is transparent. Our evolved approach to online branding gives clients a unique long-term advantage over their online competition. With new client reviews from Clutch, we look forward to improving our reputation in the industry and gaining the trust of prospective buyers.